Monday, July 5, 2010

Where's the bear?

Bears don't just disappear, people! After news stories tracking a young male black bear over the last month in The Courier, there have been no reports of the very non-Iowan animal for more than a week. The bear was heading in a southerly direction through Northeast Iowa. After being photographed near Jesup, he's apparently gone underground. But we have our suspicions of where the furry fellow could be found if people were just looking. Did you notice how Steve Schmitt single-handedly slowed down the process of hiking Waterloo parking fees ( Probably not really single-handedly. Or, hmmm, bear disappears and two men are shot in Waterloo ( Not likely a coincidence. Then the Red Cross offers free pie for a pint of blood ( Well, where else would a bear go with that option out there? And with a bear roaming as the campaign season heats up, what's the chance that he won't end up at a few political rallies. I'm betting the Branstad camp has already picked up that bear. He needs 'em, trying to reach out to moderates while convincing the right wingers not to sit out the election ( To follow the bear's progress before he started campaigning for the former governor, check out these stories:;;;; ttp://; tp://

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